Town Paving


      There are over 130 lane miles of roads in the Town of Wheatfield and over 50 cul-de-sacs. Each year the Highway Superintendent determines the quality of the roads and decides which roads he can pave within his budget for that year.

      The Town of Wheatfield does not own their own paver like most towns in Niagara County. We as well as other towns in Niagara County share a paver through shared services from the Niagara County Highway Garage. Every town each year has their own scheduled roads to pave as well as the County.

Paving FAQ's

1. How does the paving process work?

      1 week or so before paving begins the highway crew will prep the road to be paved. This includes milling out the start and stop points on the roads where new asphalt will be laid. Milling out the ends of residential driveways so the new asphalt road will match up to the ends of the driveway. Installing road working signs and delivering notices to residents when work will begin.           

2. How long does a newly paved road last?

      In the Western New York region, a newly constructed asphalt road can last for a decade with only the top surface course being placed and replaced every 10 to 15 years depending on traffic volumes.

 3. What is hot asphalt mix?

      Hot mix asphalt consists of a mixture of stone and recycled asphalt pavement (about 95 percent) and a glue-like liquid asphalt (about 5 percent) which holds the stones together in a tough matrix that resists the stresses induced by traffic and other loadings. By varying the size and shape of the stones and the type and liquid amounts, hot mix asphalt is a unique product that is safe and cost-effective manner.

4. Is hot asphalt mix safe?

      Yes. Hot mix asphalt is not considered a major source of pollution by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This designation means that, in the opinion of certified and accredited professional toxicologists at the EPA, even the largest hot mix asphalt plants do not emit significant quantities of air pollutants.   

5. Why are there flagmen on the job? 

      The Town Highway Dept. has flagmen on every paving job. The flagmen will be at each end of the street. They are out there not only for the safety on the crew but also the safety of the public. They will instruct you on which side of the road you may travel. If there is any questions on what you should do don't hesitate to ask one of our flagmen.