What forms of payment does the Town Court accept?

NO PHONE PAYMENTS OR PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. Payment Methods are Cash, Money Order (made payable to Wheatfield Town Court) and MasterCard or Visa. Note: A service fee of 2.99% of the payment will be assessed on all MasterCard/Visa payments. Payments may continue to be made by cash or a cashier/certified check without imposition of a service fee. There is a 24 hour secure drop box located outside of the Main entrance. Please submit any payments or pleas in an envelope with your name and address. Any payments will be processed and a receipt will be emailed. 

 Note that neither the municipality nor the court receives any portion of the service fee. If you use a credit card, there will be two transaction receipts generated; one for the court fine and one for the service fee. The cardholder must sign both receipts in order for the payment to be processed.

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