Wheatfield is comprised of 14 Zoning Districts that includes Overlay and PUD areas. Below you will find Zoning Maps and a brief explanation of each Zoning District. For a more detailed description on how Zoning is applied to your area of development please call the Building Department

Zoning Districts
  • A-R   Agricultural-Residential District
  • C-1   Commercial District
  • M-1   Light Industrial District
  • M-2   General Industrial District
  • O-1   Love Canal Overlay District
  • O-2   Niagara Falls Blvd Overlay District
  • O-3   Airport Zone One Overlay District
  • PUD  Planned Unit Development
  • R-1   Residential-1 District
  • R-2   Residential-2 District
  • R-3   Residential-3 District
  • R-C   Restricted-Commercial
  • R-R   Rural-Residential
  • RNB  Rural Neighborhood Business

        *NOTE Overlay Districts are supplements to the underlying zones

For detailed information on each of these districts please see the Town Code Section 200 Article III

Zoning district boundaries are intended to follow property lines, center lines of streets, railroads or streams or to be parallel or perpendicular thereto, unless otherwise located by appropriate reference on the Zoning Map. Where uncertainty exists with respect to the zoning district boundaries as shown on the Zoning Map



If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call the department at 716-694-1026. Pre-project planning and communication are important.