Niagara Sanitation Landfill site

3/20/2017 updated

NYSDEC to begin detailed Environmental Study at the Niagara Sanitation Company site.
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Statement from Supervisor Cliffe

I understand that there are some questions out there regarding the completion of the removal of Love Canal waste at the Niagara Sanitation Landfill site.  

Here is some of the information as given to me by DEC and folks from Clean Harbors. 

1. This part of the clean up has been completed.  

    a. They found and removed twice the anticipated amount of material.  It has been shipped out west and incinerated: gone forever.

    b. The have removed all of their equipment, all of the stone road and work area in the area where they were doing their digging, back to the "bridge" over the pipeline.

    c. At our request, they left the remainder of the stone road in place to facilitate addition remediation of the landfill should the need arise.

2. There remains work to be done.

    a. During testing by DEC during 2012 and 2013, it was determined that there are other materials buried in this landfill which may require remediation in some form.

        1. This includes materials which were commonly landfilled in the 1960s: PCBs from electrical disposal, various hydrocarbons in pails or drums from auto repair shops, and possibly some other types of industrial waste accepted from Bell Aerospace, Carborundum and other industries in this area and Niagara Falls.

    b. There will likely be more testing done by DEC, or by the Town as required by DEC to determine if, indeed, further work is required.

        1. It is possible that capping, ( more soil on top ), or fencing with "No Trespassing" signs will suffice.  Or moving some material from one point to another, and doing this capping and fencing.

    c. It should be understood by all that this is NOT the place to run around with ATVs.  There is no way to know what one might dig up when running around on ATVs there. Landfills were filled with all manner of refuse; it just isn't the place to run around and dig up whatever may be there.

3. Per the report and discussion with DEC, testing shows that the materials located in this landfill have NOT migrated elsewhere. 

    a. The Love Canal Waste was concentrated in one relatively small area ( 60 x 100 feet ) near the very end of the landfill site.  This was located just behind the church at the Infant Jesus Shrine.  

    b. At this point we do not have enough information to know where any remaining hazardous waste materials remain.  Therefore it is best for all to consider the entire landfill site as it there is hazardous material shallowly buried there. Best to simply stay away until notified otherwise.

4. Regarding location, there are the electrical lines acting as a buffer between the landfill site and the back yards of Forbes Street in North Tonawanda.  It is best to NOT cross the buffer and walk or ride in the landfill site.

    On the other side is an active farm field for most of the way, then the area of the Infant Jesus Shrine.  It would be best to NOT enter the landfill from the Southern side of the Shrine area.  We know that hazardous materials remain at locations within the landfill: we don't know where, and we don't have enough information to know if they are sufficiently capped, or not. 

For now, the Town is awaiting further direction from DEC before proceeding with any additional work at the site.    


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