Animal Control

Dog Control or Injured Animal
If you require assistance with a stray dog or if you come across an injured or dead animal, please call the Niagara County SPCA at 716-731-4368.

Wild Kritters

Wild Kritters is licensed by New York State and US Fish and Wildlife to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. Their goal is to get the animals back into the wild healthy as soon as possible.

Private Persons National Wildlife Control Officers

  • Alan Besant
    Phone: 716-731-8041
  • Nicholas Lupo
    Phone: 585-303-4881
  • David Muir
    Phone: 716-695-5552
  • Michael Prgon
    Phone: 716-626-8168
  • Nelson Schultz
    Phone: 716-853-2029
  • James Wekenmann
    Phone: 515-303-4881