Pavilion Rentals


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Pavilion shelters at Fairmount Park and the Wheatfield Mini Park are by Reservation Only. A Pavilion Rental Agreement must be signed and a cash or check deposit for the full amount is required. Proof of residency also required.

Fees range from $35 - $70 depending on the shelter

Pavilion #1: Large Rectangle shelter along Stieg Rd
* $50 for Residents
* $70 for Non Residents
*Fits approximately 120 people

Pavilion #2: Corner of Stieg and Nash Rd.
* $35 for Residents
* $55 for Non Residents
*Fits around 50 people

Pavilion #3: Octagon shelter next to flag pole
* $45 for Residents
* $65 for Non Residents
*Fits approximately 80 people

Pavilion #4: Near the running track
* $35 for Residents
* $55 for Non Residents
*Fits approximately 50 people


Mini Park Shelter

The Wheatfield Mini Park is located behind the Water and Sewer Department on Niagara Falls Boulevard. It includes 2 shelters, 1 grill, and 8 picnic tables(fits approximately 64 people).
$45 for Residents
$65 for Non Residents


The mini park has horseshoe pits, swings, a slide, and a modular playground.

Fairmount Park Shelters

Fairmount Park has 10 shelters, 6 located around the picturesque pond for very small and personal picnics away from park activities; perfect for seniors or couples.


There are 4 large shelters centrally located in the park, plus 2 tennis courts, a running / walking track, and 2 street hockey courts to be used by residents of the Town of Wheatfield.