Highway Department

New York Alerts

The highway department is a participant in the NY-Alert highway notifier program which will become active starting November 1, 2013. Town residents can sign up to NY Alerts online and will receive emergency alerting information and private notifications concerning the roadways within the Town of Wheatfield.

Town of Wheatfield Highway Department 

Please read important policies and procedures below


Brush / Branch Truck

Branch pick-up in the Town is not on a designated day.   The truck will start at one part of Town and continue throughout the Town until done.  As a reminder, branches should be longer than 4ft in length, cut ends placed toward the roadway with entire pile in the same direction. 

Branch pick-up is not intended for weekly trimming or for clearing an entire lot but is usually done bi-annually or after storms. If a contractor is hired to remove a tree that company will chip and/or remove debris. Busy roadways, mostly State and County, will be picked up when manpower to provide a follow truck is available which is required for safety of the employees.

*During summer months the branch truck may be taken off the road for short periods of time to utilize all manpower for other work such as, drainage and paving projects.

October 1st the chipper will be taken off the road as town leaf pick up begins and will be back on the road in the Spring (April 1st) or when the snow melts.

We are unable to collect tall ornamental grasses, vines, weeds, decayed firewood, or other forms of yard waste. This should be disposed of through regular trash. Railroad ties, landscape timbers, or other processed wood are not accepted through the program or in the compost facility.

Leaves are only accepted during the fall curbside leaf collection.



  • Too small of branch and/or too short (min. of 4' length with ends facing roadside)
  • Foreign objects in pile
  • Pile not stacked correctly (should be neatly stacked ends facing roadway)
  • Please do not include grass, twigs, or leaves in the branch pile – bagged for regular trash only.

If there are bushes with root ball attached, they will not be picked up by the branch truck, these will require an additional pick-up.


    Parking of vehicles is prohibited on all streets within this Town between 2:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M. from November 15th to April 1st. Violators of this section shall have automobiles towed away at the owner's expense.   

   (Section 1219 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law and Section 214 of the Highway Law of New York State, specifically prohibit the placing or leaving of snow, ice, or other substances, upon any highway (which includes pavement, shoulders, and ditches)

Snow Removal

We all want our street to be cleared of snow quickly, but nothing slows down the work of snowplows more than cars parked on the street. Please make sure your vehicle is in your driveway, and not in the street, during a storm. Unfortunately, when a parked vehicle blocks a street so our snowplows cannot pass, we have no other option than to call for a sheriff’s car to assist us in having the vehicle moved or towed.  Also, please remember to keep garbage cans placed in your driveway even with your mailbox so they are not in the road.

  • NO PARKING on Streets between the hours of 2AM and 6AM – Nov 15th – April 1st 
  • Cars impeding snow plowing can be ticketed and or towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Plowing your driveway across town roadways or into the center of cul-de-sacs is NOT PERMITTED, violators will be ticketed at homeowner’s expense.


Mailbox damage


During the winter months the Highway Department will occasionally receive calls regarding damage to mailboxes either from snowplows directly or from the force of snow being thrown by the plows. Remember, snowplows hurl hundreds of pounds of snow in one pass. If damage is caused by snow removal, it is not intentional but is an unfortunate consequence of snow removal. It is understood that mailboxes must be placed on the highway right-of-way; however, this does not grant people any legal rights on the highway when needed for highway purposes. According to New York State's Highway Law, when the necessities of keeping the highway open conflict with the reception of mail, the latter must stand aside. Under the law, a homeowner could even be required to remove the mailbox.

If a box is damaged by a town snowplow, the Highway Department as a courtesy, will place a temporary box so that a resident can receive mail. If the damage is excessive the Highway Department in the spring will replace the mailbox and post, if necessary, with a Town issued box and post. Decorative, expensive, or extraordinary mailboxes should be removed during the winter months and temporarily replaced with a simple metal or plastic box mounted on top of a treated 4 x 4 post. The Town will NOT replace any fancy mailboxes, posts, or paper boxes of any kind.

Street Lighting

To report streetlights not working properly you will need:

  • A description of the problem, such as, light cycling, noisy, or completely out
  • The pole number directly off the pole
  • The street name.


You may report the outage using the link below:


Comments on the Stormwater Management Plan or Annual report may be directed to billy@wheatfield.ny.us