1. Animal Control

    Find out who to call if you come across an injured animal or if you need assistance with a stray dog.

  2. Assessor's Office

    Find out what are exemptions for veteran's and for property taxes in Wheatfield.

  3. Attorney's Office

    Find out who the Wheatfield Attorney is and how to contact him.

  4. Budget Department

    Take a look at past and present budgets from Wheatfield, New York.

  5. Building Department

    The Building Department's mission is to deliver professional, courteous and timely service to the community by providing uniform enforcement of the New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code and other laws which protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens.

  6. Highway Department

    Take a look at the Highway Department plans for road paving and repairs, branch pick up and more.

  7. Recreation Department

    Take a look into what the Town of Wheatfield offers recreationally and find the program(s) or activities that best fit your needs.

  8. Supervisor's Office

    Find out what Supervisor Bob Cliffe has to say about Wheatfield, New York.

  9. Town Clerk's Office

    Explore the responsibilities of the Wheatfield Town Clerk.

  10. Town Court Offices

    Find out how to contact the Wheatfield Court Offices.

  11. Water & Sewer Department

    Discover the responsibilities of the Wheatfield Water and Sewer Department such as billing, measurements and now recycling.